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Group Plans for Businesses

We specialize in small to mid size companies with 3 employees and up for Health and Dental plans.  Companies can also add Life and disability plans to the group. Employers have the option of choosing prepackaged plans or individual group plans which are quoted on a per company basis.
With prepackaged plans, claims rates are based on a pooled basis in a pool with all companies that have the same plan, rather than on an individual company basis. Therefore you can have a “bad claims” year which will not affect your rates.

As a business owner, a smart alternative to traditional insurance plans is a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP).  This program allows all your family medical/dental expenses to run through your business where they become 100% deductible and, there are no insurance premiums to pay!  A PHSP will put you in total control of the cost of a Health & Dental Plan and if you have employees, allows complete flexibility on usage.

To investigate any of these options or a combination of both you can contact us.