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Snowbird Insurance

Once people retire, many think of the warmer climates and decide to go south for several months or even the entire winter to escape Canada’s cold weather. These people are called “snowbirds” and hence the name Snowbird Insurance. It is Emergency Medical Insurance which can be purchased for up to 180 days out of the country.

Here is a very helpful hint. If you are driving and you have a medical claim on your trip you may need to prove when you crossed the border. The easiest way to do that is immediately after you have crossed, purchase something even if it is just a cup of coffee and keep the receipt. That is very acceptable as proof.

Another very important point is that if you have to come home due to an emergency, contact your broker to verify your insurance status before going back. If you have purchased single trip coverage you will need to cancel the old policy and start a new one. Do not go back without checking. You might find yourself without coverage.

We have access to several travel insurance products and as a result can often offer very competitive rates.

Please contact us for a quote OR Click Here for an online quote before you purchase your emergency medical insurance.